My name is Lee and my mission is to build runners that are strong, efficient and stay injury free. I aim to achieve this through functional movement assessments, structured strength training, injury prevention education and smarter running programs.


Having been a runner since the age of 7, I have amassed a wealth of experience running fun runs, competing in disciplines such as cross country and 3000m steeplechase whilst in the military and taking part in ultra marathons such as Marathon des Sables and the Spine Challenger. 


As qualified running coach, strength and conditioning coach and movement screening specialist I have over 10 years coaching experience. These tools have aided me in helping hundreds of runners get out of pain and get back to enjoying running for the amazing sport that it is. 


My Qualifications:

Level 4 Biomechanics

Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Coach


Level 4 Personal Trainer specialising in low back pain

Level 3 Exercise Referral


UK Athletics Run Coach


UESCA Run Coach


Functional Movement Screen Level 2


Precision Nutrition Level 1


My Race Achievements:

British Army 3000m steeple chase champion


Marathon PB 3:18

164th out of 1400 runners in Marathon des Sables - my first multi day event and first ultra (56 miler on day 4)


Completed the Spine Challenger (111 miles)

Completed Lakes in a Day (50 miles)

Completed The Cumbria Way (75 miles) unsupported in 21 hours

Bob Graham attempt June 2021

Never had an injury in over 25 years of running

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