Top 5 Lower Body Mobility Moves

Good mobility (range of motion we can control) of the lower body is key for efficient running technique. Check out my top 5 go to mobility exercises which can be used as a warm-up for running or lower body strength training days.

Spiderman Lunge w/Rotation and Leg Extension: As you drop into a lunge, place both hands on the inside of the front leg. Keep the back knee off the floor as you reach to the ceiling with one arm. Once complete, bring both hands back to the floor and push your hips up and back to extend the front leg as much as possible to hit the hamstrings.

KB Hip Openers: Place the front leg at 45 degrees to the centre of the body. Drive hips forward ensuring the knee travels over the middle of the foot. To increase the challenge, place the front leg at 90 degrees to the centre of the body (second rep in the video).

90/90 Hip Rolls: Helps with internal and external rotation of the hips. Carry out static holds if rolling between positions is too difficult. Ensure the 90/90 position is maintained throughout.

Inchworm: A great exercise for hamstrings and low back. Aim to keep the legs as straight as possible throughout rather than worrying about getting your feet to your hands like I can in the video.

Banded Ankle Dorsi-flexion: Ensure the band is around the top of the foot and not around the ankle. Push the knee over the middle of the foot without letting the heel lift off the ground or the arch of the foot collapse inward.

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