When the earth floods from global warming, the swimmers will rule the world

Not that catchiest of titles but turns out that googling ‘motivational swimming quotes’ comes up with a whole load of shit and I used ‘Just Keep Swimming’ for my one-way Windermere swim a few years back.

Anyway, in September 2017, Cathy Rach, Patrick and I did an English Channel Relay. Within a few days of completing that, Cathy got ‘challenge happy’ and promptly persuaded us to sign up for a Round Jersey swim. Yes, we’d been drinking but surely that’s when all your best decisions are made?

In an effort to keep the Channel memory alive we opted for tides over the same dates and as such couldn’t get a boat or pilot until 2019. With 2 years to wait, you can imagine that training was put somewhat on the back foot.

After getting drunk again at Christmas 2018, we booked our