Fit for Service is aimed at addressing the poor standard of fitness within those looking to join the Armed Forces. With so many thinking that the military will get them fit, they struggle to pass even the basic requirements let alone excel within basic training to become a good soldier.


The principles that form the core of this programme are:

- Building aerobic capacity as a foundation for squadded runs and loaded marches.
- Developing grip strength to pass the jerry can walk, casualty extraction and casualty drag.
- Developing lactate threshold to allow higher performance in 1.5 mile best effort run and fire and manoeuvre test.
- Building basic strength to carry load and pass tests such as the ammo tin lift and casualty extraction, focusing on lower reps and higher weight.
- Introduction of progressive loaded marches to prepare candidate for loaded march tests (combat roles) and basic training.


This means that fitness doesn't become a limiting factor in training and beyond, allowing you to focus on learning soldiering skills and trade specific skills effectively.

Fit for Service

  • The programme comes in a PDF file format which can be downlaoded instantly. No physical products will be sent.

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