We all love training, right? We enjoy the benefits to our fitness, shape and mood. We love those days where we feel 100% and the session goes exactly as planned. 


What about those sessions where it doesn’t go as planned? We turn up and suffer through the warm-up, which reveals some niggles here and there. Nothing major, but something doesn’t feel right. Do you find that more often than not your sessions go that way? That’s where prehab comes in.


This book contains a lower body/core day to help improve squats, deadlifts and minimise low back pain. It also contains some shoulder prehab sessions to improve overhead mobility/posture and shoulder health. Finally, it includes a morning hygiene routine to kick start your day the right way.

Prehab Essentials

  • The programme comes in a PDF file format which can be downlaoded instantly. No physical products will be sent.

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