The most comprehensive strength program for runners on the market.


If you're a runner, whether a beginner or experienced ultra runner, you can benefit from strength training. This book will improve your performance. 


If you're a runner who has ever been injured, it could be a lack of strength that lead to that injury. This book will help reduce your risk of injury, especially from overuse.


If you're a runner that wants to improve your speed and endurance, getting stronger can improve run economy. This book will help you to become a more efficient and faster runner.


With the Strength For Runners Program you will get:


- Full in depth movment assessments. The results of these will enable you to construct your own bespoke warm-up/prehab routine.

- Strength assessments. These will determine which level of the program you start at, ensuring you get the right challenge, designed around your current ability.

- A minimum of 16 weeks of strength training tailored for you to help improve your running performance and reduce the risk of injury.

- Additional power/plyometric training to develop your 'springs' , allowing you to access the free energy from your achillies tendons to aid forward propulsion.

- Full support from a qualified running and S&C coach via email.

- Full Member access to The Intrepid Athlete Facebook group for additional training tips, advice as well as support and motivation from like minded individuals.


If you're a runner and aren't already including strength training then you are missing out on the benefits it can bring!


Start your journey to improving your run performance, whatever your goal, with the most comprehensive training program available.

Strength For Runners

  • This book is a downloadable PDF. No physical book will be sent. To get the best out of this program you will need access to a gym with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and resistance bands.